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If you need help in filling out the application for a grant or have any questions, please send an email message by clicking on this link or call one of the committee members listed below. They will be happy to assist you.

K-12 Support Committee Members

Chris Romano, Assistant Principal, Wellington Community High School, 795-4910, PX 54339

Alexandra Vetter, Assistant Principal, Royal Palm Beach Community High School, 753-4070, PX 24070

Cherie Andrewson, Assistant Principal, Lantana Community School, 540-3406, PX 53406

Kim Barker, School Secretary, Roosevelt Elementary School, 653-5104, PX 85104

Ronn Peteck, Assistant Principal, Park Vista Community High School, 491-8411, PX 58411

Sean Ashworth, Assistant Principal, Palm Springs Community Middle School, 357-5017, PX 85017

Vincent Taormina, Assistant Principal, Lake Worth Community High School, 533-6363, PX 26363